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from costume Rikku
Rikku-chan Oh this costummmmme....XD
I really rushed to get this baby done to shoot at the Indiana Dunes before the summer weather officially faded away! My belt and pouches got the worst of the rush...but regardless I was SOOOO happy to shoot finally!! :D Special thanks to my boyfriend, Danny, who played the roles of photographer and assistant that day!! For being a nervous wreck, I think he did a good job!! ^^

Blades were bought from L1M3 on here to replace my old, ruined ones *sad*

Photo by my boyfriend on behalf of TotallyToasty
Editing by me
Costume made/worn by me!
  • Yog0 Awesome cosplay - love your expression. 5 years ago
  • AngieRikku Awesome Rikku as always! Your pouches look amazing! I hope you do more of her outfits! =3 9 years ago
  • ~Lightning~ Love this photo! You look amazing as Rikku as always! 9 years ago
  • ff7sam You look awesome! I think the pouches look wicked nice, everything looks great! I love how bright the colors are on these photos, it goes along with Rikku being all bright, happy and yellow! ^__^ 9 years ago
  • thychi Amazing Rikku! 9 years ago