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Ludger03 This is a plushie made for a person who wanted a gift for his son. ^^ his son likes yugioh and his fav character is Yami.
  • Ludger03 Oh yeah, I talk with his mother which we are great cosplay pals, and she said he would play with him for a while so the plushie wont get dirty. I felt giddy and happy to hear he was satisfy with his birthday gift. 16 years ago
  • Airika The kid who got this must've been the happiest kid to get this *_* I know I would be 16 years ago
  • Ludger03 Thank you ^^ 16 years ago
  • Ludger03 Thank you ^^. I hand painted those eyes and from his looks, he seems naughty next to DM XD. 16 years ago
  • Glay Lol! That's sooo cute! I like the eyes ^o^ 16 years ago