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Liriel My old Slytherin scarf. Made of 100% merino yarn: super soft and super warm! (Absolutely no scratchy wool yarn for me. Nope.)
  • Liriel Thank you, ArsenalFierce13! ^_^ Jep, tassels are fun and so easy to make! Yay! And I'm glad for merino. Most woollen yarns are too scratchy for my skin but merino is the exception. 17 years ago
  • ArsenalFierce13 Ooh, I love the hat. The tassels are so much fun! And merino is yummy. 17 years ago
  • Liriel @effervescence: Thanks. I used high qualitiy pure merino yarn for scarf and cap. It's incredible how soft and warm it is. Pure luxury! ^_^ @chaos_magician: Yep! ^_^ 17 years ago
  • chaos_magician yay! much luv for Slytherin!! 17 years ago
  • effervescence Nice, it looks warm. 17 years ago