_rika_'s image
_rika_ Cloud Strife:
cosplayer costume - Rika
hair - Requiem, K-nereid and Himiko
makeup - K-nereid

Tifa Lockhart:
cosplayer costume makeup - K-nereid
hair - Rika

Photographer: Himiko
Post processing: Rika
Location: Labrador Park, Singapore
  • Tifa_Lock C'mon, we wanna see a KISS XD 16 years ago
  • Amberle Nice. 8DD 16 years ago
  • Rio u two looks great. ^^ u made a very nice costumes ^^ 16 years ago
  • _rika_ It's not a gaping hole >o 16 years ago
  • piyo2himi *laughs at the gaping hole thing* LMFAO LMFAO XDDDD 16 years ago
  • manaxmana tifa: when is cloud gonna pop that question. is it gonna be a 15carat diamond on white gold? oh gawd >w< tee hee eh rika, how come there's a gaping hole on my stomach >.> 16 years ago
  • hiyuki *pass panadol to cloud* Nice! lol 16 years ago
  • Milky I love it! That's so cute :D 16 years ago
  • Rubeus Interesting scene! I like it that Tifa┬┤s trousers are a little bit shorter than usual. 16 years ago
  • _rika_ Minakoeli: Thanks! XD CelestialAurora: Cloud IS giving himself a headache- he doesn't know what to say to Tifa! =O 16 years ago
  • CelestialAurora great costumes! ^^ lol Cloud looks like he's getting a headache or something. ^^;; 16 years ago
  • Minakoeli *.* It is perfect *o* 16 years ago