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Yossi It's been a while since my last upload, uni is keeping me busy as usual...

This wonderful picture was taken by Squirrel back in October 2010. It's one of my favourite shots of this particular costume, so I hope you like it, too.

Hetalia is the most ridiculous and racist anime/manga series I've come across (yet) - to a point where it gets hilariously funny.
Even though the fandom scares me sometimes (I know, Hetalia kinda asks for it, but still: Why do people slash everything? We're talking about countries here, for crying out loud!), I hugely enjoy every new episode and webcomic.
Luckily, my sister is just as addicted to the series as I am, so it was quickly decided that we wanted to cosplay as Hungary and Austria. Problem: No time. So, for the first time EVURRR, I commissioned the costumes via ebay. And well, I didn't expect them to be perfect, and they fit quite well at least. Still, I redid about half of my Hungary costume, because I wasn't happy with how it looked like. But I am now. Yay. Just kindly remind me not to commission a costume EVER AGAIN XD

Picture taken by Squirrel-of-doom a.k.a. Andy-K. (Thank you very much!)
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