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Astellecia I've been away from I floundered for 5 minutes trying to figure out how to upload a photo OTL....

Sheryl Nome Diamond Crevasse Version 2
Uber-blinged it up for WCS :) It was worth the pain.
Thank you my lovelies who helped me to stick on the 500 pieces of jewels onto it~~

Photo by Zerartul
  • CupcakePrincess Fantastic! 12 years ago
  • Alsheyra this is so beautiful i love this photo u look amazing. 12 years ago
  • Mikka☆ So pretty! *A* 12 years ago
  • Wine What a wonderful dress !! Can't believe my eyes 12 years ago
  • Jing oh my, is this ever beautiful!!!! 12 years ago
  • Astellecia I slap you lar marino, you commented on my photos before what you didn't know I was on XD lol *gives you love* Thank you everyone for the comments and the love <3 All the credits for the prettiness of this photo goes to zerartul, he post-processed everything for me, all I had to do was pose <3 (and hiyuki and ash for coming to drag and arrange that hideous amount of cloth behind me) XD 12 years ago
  • Daya ~ Kairi Sooooo Beautiful !!! *-* 12 years ago
  • AVAAntares Gorgeous costume and photo! I love the light and the color. 12 years ago
  • CocoW 707 So beautiful! You're a Goddess ! The real galaxy fairy :) 12 years ago
  • Ilyasviel skye jie~~~~~ u got showcased!! XD n.. 500 jewels.... *jaw dropped* 12 years ago
  • MiiCosplay this picture is worth 1000 words 12 years ago
  • Aithre this dress just blows my mind! 12 years ago
  • lovexviolet Gorgeous! 12 years ago
  • MysteriousMaemi gorgeous 12 years ago
  • ninja_cookie absolutely beautiful! 12 years ago
  • angelkawaii That is one awesome dress! 12 years ago
  • Hopie Simply gorgeous. Props to the photographer as well! 12 years ago
  • MishaRose22 You are such a beautiful Sheryl! 12 years ago
  • mlarad you look beautiful!!! And the photo is stunning! 12 years ago
  • sai_ownzall EPIC !!!! 12 years ago
  • NovemberCosplay This is beautiful! I can't believe you (and very nice friends, I am assuming) put 500 jewels on!! That must have been a pain in the butt. But it turned out beautiful. Where did you take this photo?! A beach? The setting is very lovely. 12 years ago
  • DreaM HunteR woah! I didn't know that you have an account here! great to see, that photo with you is showcased! <3 gratz! 12 years ago
  • Celcia BEAUTIFUL!! 12 years ago
  • hiyuki EMPRESS-SAMAAAA! SUGOIII! 12 years ago
  • Elsch sooo pretty *_* 12 years ago
  • Terranell This is stunning... what a gorgeous photo! I am also impressed at the long train of the dress. Fantastic! 12 years ago
  • Citrin-chan AWSOME! your pic is very beautiful! 12 years ago
  • CosplayerGabi I really like the glow here. Nice photography and processing. 12 years ago
  • AkoRedfield beautiful ^^ 12 years ago
  • snowberrybubble this is beautiful 12 years ago