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AkaneSaotome Finished Aurora today, just gotta roll hem the skirt. It's hard to see in the picture, but it does have a corset laced back, and it also has strips of light blue rhinestones lining the top and bottom of the corset.

now onto the wig, necklace and crown. :)
  • Bluehentrooper Beautiful job on the dress. 10 years ago
  • Little Raven very beautiful! Love the blue version 10 years ago
  • Katsumiyo Lovely dress! I adore your fabric choices, and you got all the details of the peculiar cut just right. 10 years ago
  • Vinosec Oh my goodness, that's perfect. o___o You did such a good job!! 10 years ago
  • Tomecko Eeee, the blue one! I always though it was so much prettier than the pink one. It looks amazing, and the skirt looks so full! 10 years ago
  • Ali Lovely! 10 years ago
  • Cytanin So pretty *_* not many cosplayer of Aurora manage to make the pattern right, but you defintly did! 10 years ago
  • Cosplay_Rose So pretty! Nice job! 10 years ago
  • Ninnu-chan Very, very beautiful! n__n 10 years ago