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from costume Dr. Naomi
Vicksta Ohsnap.

Incredibly happy with these photographs. I'm happy our group held together, since it was actually just the girls and I, haha. Anyway, I am actually wearing that extension of doom on my head. (I had it off before and after the shoot, it was killing my head)
And that drill is definitely real but without the batteries which is a good thing I didn't have my badge yet.

I'm just happy over all with this, for all of us.

Henry: ???
Travis: Sean
Bad Girl: Katetriss
Sylvia: Final_Memories
Shinobu: ChibiTifa05
Naomi: Myself

Photo: Lionel
  • chany It looks EPIC!! *love* 14 years ago
  • Captain Gundam this is levels of strawberry on the short cake awesome! (Excuse the Pun) 14 years ago
  • neoangelwink awesome group ^__^ 14 years ago
  • Hanami awesome!!!! 14 years ago