Elffi's image
from costume Amidamaru
Elffi Armors and the swords are made of thick cardboard.
Covered with some faux leather and painted with several miniature paints. That's it! EASY~~

Used my old sandals for the shoes!
  • Jun_Tao I love that armor, you are really good making that kind of thinks,I spend like 2 weeks trying to make a Nnoitora axe and ...ToT well probably trying again jaja. But you have good skill, i like specially the paint (#^o^#) 14 years ago
  • usakou amazing ;] 14 years ago
  • ran_ichihara AMAZING ARMORS!! 14 years ago
  • ako_pah I really love the detail of the paint......(*,*) Excellent jocb.........(^,^) 14 years ago
  • SailorAnime OMG AMIDAMARU! I love you forever! ;_; 14 years ago