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Hitokiri83 Sanzo (A friend of mine), Gojyo (Me) and Goku (Son Goku) at ACen 06. Just after the Saiyuki photoshoot had wrapped up, and there were no Hakkai's to be found at the time...

You can't tell here, but I actually am wearing red contacts too. And, for someone who had never worn contacts before, they were a huge pain in the @$$
  • Son Goku Heya!! :D I'm the Goku in that picture, I just wanted to say that your Gojyo totally rocked! ^_^ You did the best job on it I've seen with that costume in awhile. Thanks for posting the picture! 15 years ago
  • riku forever how! beautifull trio of Sayuki!!!!!! your costume and sword is very fantastic!!!Greattttttt Bye Bye!!! =0)) 15 years ago
  • hatsuharufan oo! i really like your Gojyo! the pants look really nice!! thats a real good job on the weapon to!!! nice work!! 15 years ago
  • AmazonMandy Great group shots, you guys look awesome! 15 years ago
  • Hyuuga Kurama Saiyuki it's GREAT! The cosplays are beautiful... I loved... Gojyo Rocks xD Bye o/ 16 years ago
  • Hitokiri83 Thanks for the comments. ;D I was pretty happy with the overall look of the costume (though my gf deserves most of the credit). And I have to say that my friend (Sanzo) Nicole did a great job on hers, it was her first costume that she sewed herself. 16 years ago
  • Inehime I agree with Lirin!! You all look great! =D Saiyuki luvvvvvv 16 years ago
  • Lirin Oh my... your Gojyô's expression is PERFECT. 16 years ago