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from costume Marisa Kirisame
Angathol I couldn't believe kels managed to put this together in less than a week! We didn't get to wear them together for very long since she had work, but I'm glad we got a cute photo together. :) Our petticoats match, too!

Thanks to hikarilight for the photo!

Marisa - me
Reimu - kels
Photo by hikarilight
  • BakaBakaGirls Your cosplay looks amazing! :D Quick question,how did you make your hat hold like that? Did you use wire? :) 9 years ago
  • † Wolfwood † Cute! You two make a great Touhou Duo! :D 12 years ago
  • Straywind Oh wow, Kels put that together in less than a week?! (O_O) She's so talented and fast at sewing! :D You both have mad skills (and are adorable). X3 I've told you this before, but you look amazing as Marisa! Best Marisa ever! (^_^) 12 years ago
  • Crystalike adorable Touhou costumes! <3 I love all the ruffles on you two! 12 years ago
  • Usagi_Star Very cute! You two look great! :'D 12 years ago