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from costume Alto Saotome
Neizfer i kinda do miss cosplaying him ~!
X3 our group is soo complete if im alto my sis as ranka and buta chan as sheryl

Haaaa~~ i wanna photoshoot with sheryls new outfit with my alto too XDDD and serious photoshoot with my ranka XD
XD i feel like dont fight over me baby XD hahaah joke X3 more like twilight now XDD ahaha alto is bella and sheryl and ranka is jacob and edward joke ahhaahah XDDD
  • ako_pah Hi hon, its been a while eh....(~,~) Wonderful costume, everything look so natural.....(*,*) 12 years ago
  • kowaipanda hehehe. I love sheryl's face here~ MY ALto-hime! 12 years ago
  • iharusan hahaha alto is such a princess being fought over by 2 "princes" XD you all look great ^_^ so awesome to have all three =D 12 years ago