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from costume Eren Jaeger
KhalDevon This... bitch...

This took atleast 14 hours to put together. Plus a good $60.00 in wasted material seeing what works and what doesn't.
I did use parts from Crunchyroll's tutorial, but some of those pieces can't even be found in rural America!

It's my first attempt at making props... and it probably shows! But personally, if I can have a moment to have an ego, I think parts of it look better than other 3D manuever gears I have seen. If you look close, there's still much work to be done ^_^

It's based on how it looks in the Manga, in case you're wondering about the drum~! Which I am now realizing won't even be visible behind my scouting legion cloak.
  • Chergnomebyl Well as a Prop maker, I say you did an excellent job as your first time. I think about making this a lot, never seen the show, but I like the idea of the weapons. Anyways great job and if you ever need any help with props/weapons, drop me a line and I'll help out as best as I can! Keep up the good work! 9 years ago
  • PandaBanana Looks great! Personally I like the rough metal look ^^ And if this is your first attempt at making props I can wait to see what you'll be able to do in the future ^^ 9 years ago
  • Moosey_Fate13 Wah, this looks awesome! Can't wait to see what the finished costume will look like~ *w* 9 years ago