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from costume Princess Bubblegum
AngelSamui Princess Bubblegum: AngelSamui
Photographer: RobbyIdol

While in visiting Paris, France my mother and I decided to shop the fabric district in Montmartre. How often can you say I picked up this fabric in France? We definitely found some gorgeous sparkly choices and ended up with a great story. Even if I did end up waiting in a shop for my mother to run to grab more cash because the owner and I didn't quite translate to each other very well. In the end he only wanted what I already had in pocket! D'oh!

The bodice is completely lined and all seams are either serged or french seamed. I'm rather obsessed with not leaving raw edges that could fray. I ended up with a whole new hoop skirt for this skirt since my current batch of petticoats were not enough for it!

All of the purple lace started white and was spray painted purple followed by a coat of purple glitter spray paint. It was fun to decide where to add extra accents with the purple sequin trim.

My crown is made from two layers of wonderflex, gold spray paint, and a blue resin jewel I had in stock from my last casting project.
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