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Kukkii-san Tools and materials you'll need:

- base wig (thick, not layered, at least shoulder length)
- extensions (wefted, min. 30cm / 12" long)

- aluminium slat (15-20mm wide)
- 1 screw (min. 80mm long) to be used as a "bolt" inside the ponytail
- duct tape

- saw (blade for soft metal), electric drill, sandpaper
- wig head (styrofoam head) w/ stand or clamp, long pins or T-pins
- all your regular styling tools: hair clips, comb / brush, scissors, hair dryer, hairspray
- elastic hair ties
- adhesive caulk or glue (e.g., white glue)

And for the ponytail extension:
- extensions (wefted or loose)
- foamcore (e.g., polystyrene foam or craft foam)

The kind of foamcore and the amount of extension hair you'll need depends entirely on the style. Please browse my tutorial and wig galleries for examples of different styles and materials.
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