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from costume Nakajerine 29th
Yossi Another wonderful shot of my Nakajerine costume which I had originally done in 2008. Up until today it's one of my favourite costumes and also one of the most neatly tailored piece of clothing I've ever sewn, so I'm very, very, VERY happy that Laura did a photo shoot with me in her gorgeous hallway last summer.

BTW: Nakajerine is a villain. No, honestly.
And yes, obscure cosplay is obscure.
Here's all you need to know about her:

Queen Nakajerine 29th is the villain of a trashy 60min childrens' movie (Mini Moni The Movie).

She's a fairy queen. (obviously, duh)
She's evil. (Because: )
She hates cake and wants to destroy it. (Evil, right?)
She is absolutely in love with herself. (Which is why she hates cake and sweets to begin with: All the calories threaten her "slender body" - yes, direct quote.)
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