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Annwyn My new Terra cosplay from FFVI, my favorite Final Fantasy character! This one is based on Sakizou's artwork of her. The costume is covered in beading and interesting draping and ruffles, so much fun. I colored the wig myself to get the greenish-blonde look.
  • Lunairetic This Terra cosplay is soooo gorgeous, I love it! ESPECIALLY all the patterns and textures on the tights, that pop of blue has got to be my favorite detail! 11 years ago
  • ~Vertigo~ You nailed this dead on! Words can't express how gorgeous this is! 11 years ago
  • AanZku Wow... never seen this version, but it looks so cool O.O 11 years ago
  • Rikku-chan beaaautiful!!!! I really love the design! 11 years ago