Omega Corn's image
from costume Anji Mito
Omega Corn [Photo by Vince (again!)]

A Veritable Anjifest of Cornucopic Proportions!

Between the three of us, our fans contained the equivalent cooling power of approximately two (2) desk fans (6") or four (4) ice cubes.

[Rob and Mycroft sporting their amazing hand-painted Falcoon bossness]
  • icypenguin EPIC!!! I LOVE THE FANS! 14 years ago
  • Foxtale How have I not commented on this yet? This is such an amazing shot, the way you all are using your fans creates amazing composition. 15 years ago
  • Albel-Nox thats a really really awesome shot *--* 15 years ago
  • Rock nam Lee Damn, nifty group! 15 years ago
  • Rachel Stevens 3 wonderful costumes and cute pose :D 15 years ago
  • neoangelwink wow that pretty ^__^ 15 years ago
  • etaru How about you let me borrow those fans when it gets hot and humid here in July, eh? Btw, drrooooooooooolllllll 15 years ago
  • Aneris Mmmm so many Anji...I don't know where to pelvic thrust first XD 16 years ago
  • Psyposer Ahohoho~~ that's the best pic i've saw today xD great costumes and props all around ^^ 16 years ago
  • AmazonMandy WOW what a wonderful shot!! 16 years ago
  • Crystalike OH NO FREAKING WAY.... *____* AMAZING FANS.! 16 years ago
  • Blue Child So. Freakin. Awesome. 16 years ago
  • Starman Junior I will take one Anji cooling unit plox. Do you accept checks, money order or paypal? 16 years ago
  • Pencil Transfat! Anji, defeating global warming one con at a time.... 16 years ago
  • Kitsoru Wow. Just wow. XD With that many Zessan, who needs A/C? 16 years ago
  • zansatsu nice man, I was planning on cosplay him but you do such a good job I got discouraged XD 16 years ago
  • UsagiNoSenshi you guys are just too cool 16 years ago
  • GorgeousAstro Great costumes!! 16 years ago
  • Scoti Suddenly.. Anji's... EVERYWHERE! Muhahaha... Great job you guys XD 16 years ago
  • jai Hey, I saw you and Mycroft at SCon and those were AWESOME cosplays. I already raved to Mycroft about how awesome the painting on them was. *_* 16 years ago
  • Elsch awesome shot~ you all look fantastic~ ^^ 16 years ago
  • Hanami such an amazing group ^^ 16 years ago
  • Mycroft Anji orgy of epic proportions!! But dammit, I want smaller fans. 16 years ago
  • SohjiroX Very very very very cool, I really want to finish a GG outfit soon and Anji is so one of them. 16 years ago
  • Omega Corn Wrong again Ms. empire! That is none other than Selphie ....Time Jump Selphie. Geez, you really should try to keep up with your D.C. comics. =T 16 years ago