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from costume B. Orchid
AuroraPeachy Oh the lighting in that room was weird, but made for cool photos nonetheless :)

Orchid costume made by me
Photography by Mike of
Taken at Youmacon 2009
  • fly_aguilera ULTRA COOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMBOOOO!!!!! 11 years ago
  • Mahato Shey-Kun dayuuummm~ 11 years ago
  • Angeal very nice work 11 years ago
  • KnightJeran You pull her off so well! It is also very well tailored, usually shiny fabrics give off lots of wrinkles and folds. Kinda crazy how I can spot that thats Youmacon just by looking at those infamous bricks.... -_-' 11 years ago
  • Lady Saea Your Orchid is just fantastic! I can't imagine anyone else pulling her off any better! 11 years ago
  • Jia Jem Beautiful craftsmanship! ...and I mean that in more ways than one... >_> 11 years ago