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Lady Muramasa Anyhoo, this is the good ol Doom Book...well one of them. I wanted a book prop, I'm working on the eagle medal next, that will sit inside of it since the book is hollow. Yeah, I didn't come across stencils in time before my impatience crept up. But, I will never freehand with paint again! The words are crooked and therefore I DON'T LIKE IT!!! >=(
  • Lady Muramasa Dawwwwww, thanks! I still dislike it! Lol! 12 years ago
  • Liliana I think they look really good. O_O It looks classy! I think you did really well on the paint! 13 years ago
  • Sheikahchica They look great :) You freehanded them very nicely. 13 years ago