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Glay I just realized I have crap photos in my gallery. XDD why does anyone even like my cosplays when all my pics are gross??

Oh well, this one is far from gross. YaY!!!
Photos by QuantumDestiny and Anatra
  • Kayoshin I wanna collect all of your pics!!!! *_* Ur so incredible!!! *_* 12 years ago
  • Bulma Ouch! That's true, here in Chile we can't smoke inside buildings neither >< LOVE YOU GLAY!!!! I wish so much I could go to Canada someday T_T 13 years ago
  • Bulma I LOVE you!! Your Bulma is so gorgeous and perfect ♥ I guess I'm the only Bulma cosplayer who actually smokes o_0 13 years ago
  • MikoBura Haha, I wanted to buy a fake cig too when I was going to cosplay Buu-era Bulma. And she's definitely not the only one that smokes... her dad is really seen without a cig, Roshi smokes and so does ChiChi's dad. =P 13 years ago
  • Bluest Mercury Your boots make me happy<3 Yay for more dbz cosplay! 13 years ago
  • mirrorsaber Its not a gross photo but smoking is bad for you. :P Nice job on the dress. 13 years ago
  • SvK Most people in DBZ have far more dangerous habits than smoking. Those boots are sweet. 13 years ago
  • Hopie You look AMAZING as Bulma! 13 years ago