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R.Cutie I'm feeling miserable so to cheer myself up I'll post cosplay pictures! =P Please check out the other pics in my Tomoyohime gallery as so many people took such nice ones ^_^

Quick detail info -

Took me a year to finish this costume! The crown and fan were complete first and I made each from scratch by myself. The fabric for the main part of the outfit took the longest for me to find as I was never happy with what I saw. When I found it (on sale w00t!) I bought the whole bolt because I was not sure how much I would need XD Over 7 yards were used. There's a lot of details that would take forever to describe, but I am now mostly happy with this costume! Next time I wear it I will be trying something different with the purple things in the hair...and, yes, that is all my real hair ^^

Photo by dead.pepper taken at AX'07 Thank You!!!
  • Lyriel AMAZING *_______* great pic and costume ^^ 14 years ago
  • Schneerose The headress is awesome..0.0 What did you use to make it? 14 years ago
  • deepSetthinker i definitely APPROVE of this shiny fabric. :D again, i still wish that we could've seen you at AX. :( i've always wanted to walk around in a full Tsubasa group and feel geeky/cool at the same time. lol we wore our outfits on Sunday too! 15 years ago
  • Elsch sooo beautiful! Best Tomoyo-hime I saw so far! ^^ 15 years ago
  • Miaka-chan How pretty! Nice job... it looks like your hard work paid off. ;D Nice fabric choice, and I love your crown. @[email protected] 15 years ago