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The-Real-Link I'm very surprised I've not posted a shot of this yet... Although I was quite fluent and thoroughly enjoyed my small Songbird ocarina, I was very fortunate to come across this during Anime Central 2006.

After meeting Pikminlink and her dad, they had informed me of having this extra ocarina that they brought to the con. Origins are from Hungary although where and from whom I do not know.

The range is about the same as the Songbird being around an octave and a quarter, although the low notes start on a higher tone than the Songbird. Likewise, the highest notes can't quite reach the same levels as the Songbird so there are a couple Zelda songs where I can't quite hit every note.

The sheer size and beauty of this thing though far outweighs any musical drawbacks. 8 holes was challenging to play at first but thankfully like most any instrument, instructions helped make it easier. It is now carefully transported and is my primary ocarina.