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from costume Barbara Gordon
Straywind Amanda posted her shoots from Fan Expo 2016 so I have some photo evidence of my new Barbara costume. Ok, this costume is pretty obscure. If you recognize it you deserve a digital cookie! XD No one at Fan Expo recognized the costume. Can't exactly blame people. It's Barbara's casual outfit from the first season of Mattel's DC Super Hero Girls web series that's meant to promote a new toy line. Barbara also wears this outfit in a tv movie, but the movie never aired here in Canada. I still want to see Barbara go from being the tech person at Super Hero High to Batgirl!

Anyway, I thought her outfit was super cute so I put this together for Fan Expo 2016. It's all purchased clothing. I took in the tank top and hemmed the pants and made the black top into a crop top. Pretty simple sewing, but the best part is that I got to wear my own glasses with this costume. I know they're pretty much like bottle caps. I have a strong prescription. It was really fun to wear a costume of a character that wears glasses as glasses are much more comfortable than fussing with contacts.

I purchased an Arda Jeannie for this costume and my awesome friend Pan helped me cut the bangs and wig clip. Too bad the wig was super uncomfortable. I don't mind the fact that no one understood the costume, but it would have been nice if it was at least comfortable. The wig was such a literal headache. Still cool to Cosplay Barbara again. One of these days I'll actually Cosplay as Batgirl!

This particular photo was taken by the security fence over at the aquarium. Kind of wanted to hint that Babs was trying to hack her way in! :3