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Kula Ayanami ...because, even it's a totally wardrobe-ghetto cosplay... I don't wanna an EPIC FAIL.lol

The boots are my Whip's boots...the coat and skirt are from my sister (she cosplayed Ninamori Eri from FLCL), the tights and turtleneck shirt are black because I haven't red ones and I don't care, it's just for fun.
I wanna take cute pics with my friend (she will cosplay Asuka) in some cute place!=3
c*u*te, i mean!~
  • Kula Ayanami thanks! tee-hee, the jacket is form my lil sis!xD Unfortunatelly! 14 years ago
  • RadRage I'm in love with that jacket so much right now. O_O Thats a rockin' wig too. 14 years ago