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Bahzi Yet another Pokehoodie, this one made just to sell.

The eyes and nose are machine embroidered, and the ears, tail, and face hanging things are heavily interfaced to help them keep their shape. Hoodie made from anti-pill fleece.

Note: I do not make hoodies anymore on commission, and will not answer any inquiries about buying one from me..
  • Wasplover I love it I wish I can have it I'll be wearing it like crazy ^_^ 11 years ago
  • 1AnimeAmber OH WOW !!!! how much would it be to get one made? I would MOST definately buy one !!!! 12 years ago
  • PinkSelphie Awwww, how cuuuute! 13 years ago
  • Blood_Sword Aaawh, I'm LOVING it!! *w* 13 years ago