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from costume Dr. Naomi
Vicksta Ohh Dr. Naomi.

I premiered this at Otakon with the rest of our glorious NMH group and I'll say it now: Most uncomfortable costume ever considering that the corset DOESN'T LET ME DO ANYTHING. I'm not even saying for the fact that this is as far as skimpy as I will ever go but just things are kinda dlgjklgj right now.

Pretty much rushed to get it done in time, I'm not even done with the top since I have to add the black linings. Also managing to keeping my left stocking up, haha. But holy crap, I'm so proud of this. I really really can't wait to see the pictures from our shoot with Lionel.

The wig was commissioned and styled by Tess. Though the huge extension isn't on, I only wore it during the shoot since it was killing my head.

Naomi: Me
Photo: Lionel
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