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from costume Chun Li
nightko I remembered clearly, back then I have only seen cosplay from pictures on the BBS(not even internet yet) and not seeing a single one in person. One obvious voice in me wanted to try, "What a good idea! This will be so cool.". Another voice told me "Don't do it!"

I struggled with the idea for some years until I finally realized I was constantly looking at those costumes. I just felt empty without one. "Don't do it!" "But this looks cool, even better than before!" "Spending $ again, no way!", "But I like it. I want to be that character.", "Your parents will obviously object.", "But if I don't try it, maybe I won't have chance to try it again.", "Do it privately least."
  • Mao_Melissa That's a very well done Chun Li costume! Street Fighter II was one of my favorite games during childhood and I've always liked Chun Li since she was originally, the only female in the game. I understand what you mean about your parents objecting. There are so many costumes that I would love to make but I am afraid that my parents would be upset over how revealing some of them are. You look very nice though and you have the right figure to be Chun Li. Looks great! 15 years ago
  • cometa Welcom! you look so wonderful! I`m Chinese,too:) 15 years ago