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from costume Tyki Mikk
  • Karitsa This might sound totally weird, but you have a great facial structure for this character. :3 13 years ago
  • nuriko-riki Perfect costume! Congratulations for work! ;O 14 years ago
  • lilraye Oh my Gosh. You look amazing. 14 years ago
  • Yoshh Meille on tulossa iso D. gray-man ryhmä lauantaille. Yayagami irc-galleriasta on järkkärinä. 14 years ago
  • blackbutterfly HOT O.O I love Mikk and you suit him perfectly! awesome work =) 14 years ago
  • Sillybean holy crap. my mouth literally dropped open when i saw this picture. amazing job. 14 years ago
  • LadyCerbero nice expression! Much like Tiky 14 years ago
  • Phoenix_Kasai Finally! Someone who looks like Tyki! You have such a great face to work with! :) 14 years ago
  • Ginryuu You make an excellent Tyki. Everything about this cosplay is spot on, down to the hair and contacts. You even have a great face for him...which is what's keeping me from cosplaying him. Great job! 14 years ago