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Zoroko Hey guys~ Still in Rome...starting to miss people! *cries*

Thought I would upload at least one of the many great consplayers photo's from Otakon while I can.

Seeing all the great Youmacon zelda fun has really made me excited for Ohayocon! ^_^

photo- Consplayers
Shad- JingChan
Zora armor- Zoroko
  • Humbi This made me squeal at 1:20 in the morning X3 I LOVE Zora-suit Link and I think this is a great outfit. I hope to see lots of Link cozzies at cons this year~ I'll keep an eye on you, and you can keep an eye on my Midna costume :P 14 years ago
  • Dei-chan omg....perfect *0* 14 years ago
  • NiGHTmaren I'm super excited for OhayoCon, too, can't wait to meet you guys! :D 14 years ago
  • Dante-san wow...very awesome cosplays!! 14 years ago
  • Lady Tyrona Well enjoy Rome while you can dear! It's one hell of a city! That picture and your costumes are so incredible, you've put so much time in it...and it shows! 14 years ago