Axtar's image
from costume Izumi Curtis
Axtar Izumi and Edward Elric (movie version) sitting on a ledge, just thinking. Can't quite recall where this shot was taken, but if I'm not wrong, it was at the KTM office.

Photo by: Yuu-chan
Movie!Ed: WildDrive
  • Axtar Moyashi> Thanks! ^^ It was a really last-minute cosplay plan, so it was completed within 1-2 weeks before the actual event itself. Ganlynde> Thank you. =) 15 years ago
  • Ganlynde I really like this picture! great work. 15 years ago
  • Moyashi oh,that's a good shot!:3 You're a very good Izumi Cosplayer, I like your cosplay:3 how long did it take you to make it?:3 15 years ago