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ska beam Rei-sama makes a fantastic Mana. I love her costume. So I made this CG for her. As a present ^-^ I am so glad you like it dear ^-^ Hooray!

Mana -> Rei-sama (She makes such an awesome Mana)
Kozi -> Me ^-^
  • Edea you both look great *_*, you Mana sis make the best Merveilles Mana and you my dear Ska look gorgeous, you know i love this outfit of yours, my favorite *_* 16 years ago
  • Fira beautiful!! o_o 16 years ago
  • ryo4gabiel SUGOII!!! THAT AWSOME!! XD 16 years ago
  • mercure very awesome^^ 16 years ago
  • ska beam Ino -> Thank you my dear. Love your cosplays ^-^ Rei-sama -> I wish we could do a shoot too.... I gues this is a great way though to be on one picture together ^-^ Thank you dear. I am so glad you like it ^-^ *Big hugs back hun* luv* 16 years ago
  • Rei-sama I love youuuuu *huggles* I think our outfits look so awesome together, I wish we could have a photoshoot *sniffle* But yes, your Merveilles Kozi is so totally awesome and definately the best I've seen!! *luv* 16 years ago
  • Ino wow really pretty *________* 16 years ago
  • ska beam Natan -> Dank je wel ^-^ Ja, ze is echt een goede mana. Ik moest gewoon een CG van ons maken ^-^ Kaiser Wilhelm -> Thank you so much dear! *Mega Hugs* I love the baby you just uploaded. Family? Mi-chan4 -> Thanks dear ^-^ 16 years ago
  • Mi-chan4 This is sooo awesome! 16 years ago
  • Kaiser wilhelm wow i love kozi costume so much ^__^ ((hugs)) 16 years ago
  • ska beam Albel-Nox -> Thank you dear ^-^ You are such a sweetheart! *Big hug* Miki-san -> Thank you my dear friend ^-^ You are to sweet ^-^ *Big hugs dear* Shame I can't meet you this year at Abunai... *-* well, my fault I know... *HUGS* 16 years ago
  • Miki-san waaaaaaaaaii!! Cute CG! You two look so perfect together! good work my friend! 16 years ago
  • Albel-Nox aww~~ pretty *____* you two look so beautyful together *-* 16 years ago
  • ska beam Thank you ^-^ 16 years ago
  • CaptainKittyKat That Mana cosplay is absolutely amazing! I love Kozi toooo. Wow. This is a great picture. 16 years ago