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Rikku-chan Happy Holidays, everyone!! :D Here's some Rikku to end 2012!

Costume made and worn by me
Blades were bought from L1M3 on Coscom
Photo by my boyfriend for TotallyToasty
Editing by me

@Indiana Dunes Sept 2012
  • AngieRikku How did I not see this?!?! I need to see you in person some day, holy crap! This looks so gorgeous up close!!! 9 years ago
  • negativedreamer ONE DAY we will get pics together.... heck i woudl be happy with meeting in person! 9 years ago
  • Quita Love this shot. I suppose you already know that it made it onto one of Kotaku's great cosplay of 2012 lists, right? You're amazing - keep up the great work! :D :D :D 9 years ago