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from costume Fleur Delacour
Kanira Special Notes:

dot designs were painted with the eye of a needle

90% completion was reached on a day work was cancelled due to typhoon, but then I ran out of paint

Spilled 3/4ths a bottle of blue all over my floor this morning

Didn't realize until now the shoes laces are supposed to be black :<

One pair for myself, one for a friend, because living on opposite sides of the pacific ocean is no excuse to not coordinate your halloween costumes.
  • Mohmoh great work on the shoes 11 years ago
  • Bluehentrooper That's an amazing amount of work for a pair of shoes. The look fantastic though. 11 years ago
  • Shifty Llama The shoes look great but i just had to comment on what a great idea you had druing them on umbrellas, i shall have to use that sometime!!! 11 years ago