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from costume Ryoko Hakubi
Avianna OMG! This picture is everything and more. I totally worked hard to put this shoot together for a photo like this. All of the Tenchi group fan art photos have so much going on in them and this... this is what I wanted so badly. Elemental is amazing. And best of all, this is the only photo we took of this scene. Worked out in the first try. *Tears of Joy!*

Ayeka is LividDoll, Washu is Remie, Ryoko is myself, Tenchi is Veence and Yosho is Daguru
  • vegeeta Great shot. You have the summer. 11 years ago
  • CosplayerGabi Oh man, this is hilarious and nostalgic. 11 years ago
  • Straywind The Tenchi Muyo shots from Colossal look phenomenal! I had no idea you were Ryoko! You look fantastic! :3 11 years ago
  • Ryoko-demon Amazing, guys!!! *_____* 11 years ago
  • SilverLinings xDD I love this! It's so awesome!! 11 years ago
  • ffviki This is...so absolutely perfect. 11 years ago