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DianA-sama I got addicted to steampunk, and had to use the costume for a bal masque.
  • DianA-sama Thanks :D I was at the elf fair at Arcen instead of Abunai. I'm starting to like these festivals more, because the visitors of animecons are so young in the Netherlands +_+ 13 years ago
  • Nemurineko Scary O__o"..BUT I like it a lot ;),very impressive!.. Were you at abunai 2009 ? I didnt saw you. 13 years ago
  • I_Am_Rogue That's one very scary photo o-O; Have you got more of these? *^____^* 13 years ago
  • Lady Tyrona You scared the shit out of me but I love what you did with the mask! Never saw something like it before :). 13 years ago
  • SpyderNinja Freakin' crazy cool 13 years ago
  • KurenaiYuuhi Impressive o.o 13 years ago
  • Avianna Awesome! 13 years ago