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from costume Ameto
Splenda Although smaller than the previous Beatmania groups I've been in, our Katsu group was really fun. It's so awesome that more and more people are doing Beatmania cosplay! This is my second costume myself, and after I do the finishing touches on this, I have more planned! Still have a bit to finish/fix on Ameto, including getting some custom pins for my hat made (maybe making a smaller hat?) and fixing up the wig.
Anyways, from left to right the group is:
dizzylizzy - Lilith
vartan - Shem
ryuuraigeki - Iroha
lousyitachi - Siren
stardustshadow - Iroha
chibik3r0 - Nix
splenda (me) - Ameto

And a definite thanks to EBK for the photos!
  • StarDustShadow You make just the cutest perfectest Ameto! It was a ton of fun cosplaying together < 3 14 years ago
  • Natsumi723 Nice team ^^ 14 years ago
  • Chibik3r0 I do love your little pink records XD I hope we can rewear these again sometime~ 14 years ago