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phantomthief So... Getting on this ledge for pictures was a great choice, judging by the results.
However. Actually GETTING on the ledge was not.

It was my attempt at copying the cover 4 illustration image, but in reality... Fail XD

This is the last picture of Fai I'll post until winter when I wear him again so I'll take this space to explain a little.

I made all three layers (the middle shown in the picture before this). The first layer based on the cover illustration, but in black instead of white. The applique was all done in satin taffeta. Though the designs on the tails came from the original art, the sleeve/collar details were just added because I had extra material XD The design on the back (last picture in the gallery) is his phoenix sealing tattoo from the first volume.

The second layer is based off his blue and white coat. The base is fleece and the fur is from Distinctivefabrics ($18 a yard but OH so worth it). Snap closures for simplicity of design. It's soooo comfy!

The outer coat was drafted and made in its entirety in... About 3 days. Go me -_-; It's based on the cover 4 image, of course, but with the colors from the Fai/Ashura picture. The lining itself (blue peachskin) was the "pattern" so to speak. I just kept cutting and sewing until it looked right and replicated it in the black suiting fabric. The details are blue cotton sateen cut out and dyed with Dylon fabric dye (in 3 shades of blue). I mixed the dye with warm water in a bucket, then used cotton balls and a small spray bottle to apply the gradient. It's more apparent in the pictures ACParadise took (two pictures back). The shoulders were cut into the pattern and shaped with fusible super-thick pellon interfacing. All the fur was, again, from DistinctiveFabrics ^___^

The staff is a curtain rod, three sheets of wood (glued together, cut out with a jigsaw, shaped with a router, sanded with a dremel and normal sandpaper), mirrored blue acrylic sheeting (cut out with a dremel -not a good idea- and hot glued together), fishing line and resin cast gems.

The eyepatch was me going crazy with my embroidery software and random beads leftover from SohRyu's crown XD

The pants -the reason getting on that ledge was more difficult than it should have been- are a size 1. I am normally a size 5-7. THAT WAS NOT COOL. But in restrospect my butt looked pretty nice XDDDD But a lovely pleather number found at Goodwill for $3

Photo by my mom!
  • Hinote_Ichimaru This is gorgeous! Wow such an amazing job! I love it! 13 years ago
  • Characterless fainted..... oh god.... I would sell whole my book colection (and I really love my books) and even my computer and tablet and everything elce just to got this coat...... IT's gorgeous.... I just don't know any other word to describe it..... I decied that I'm gonna... learn how to do those kind of cosplays... I'm gonna make one too..... oh god such a gorgeous coat You make awesome Faye 13 years ago
  • Schwanheld Question!!! Did you dye the design on your back, before or after, gluing/cutting it out? 13 years ago
  • Lyel Arg.*_____* This is soo beautiful!! The best dark Fye of the world. Very good job on the coat ! Just wonderful and perfect :) 13 years ago
  • Kyse Vampiric It's okay. That's what I ended up doing! xD Mine is wayyy not as epic as your's, I was thinking about how awesome your's was while I made mine, but it still didn't turn out as nice as I hoped it would...But that's okay! :D Anyway...I love your creation. :) 13 years ago
  • Kyse Vampiric Did you make the pattern? Or did you find it somewhere? I'm in the process of designing a Fai coat, and I need to have it dont in less than a month... D: Any tips? ~Kyse 14 years ago
  • Kuroi Niji The most beautiful and well detailed Fai cosplay ever made, I so love you 14 years ago
  • negativedreamer this is crazy awesome. i wish i could get pics with this and my kurogane! 14 years ago
  • FushiginaReiko Absolutely stunning! From the costume to the staff, your cosplay is absolutely gorgeous : D~ 14 years ago
  • deathberry best fye i've ever seen! 14 years ago
  • pockychopstix I have literally spent a day trying to figure out how to explain the level of awesome this Fai cosplay you have created is. I can't find a way, there's not a word to describe it, so I'm stuck with a generic word I'm sure you've heard alot. Beautiful. 14 years ago
  • Dante-san Great!! 14 years ago
  • viiictoria This is so beautiful! *____* 14 years ago
  • rayna omg this is so awesome! stunning job! 14 years ago
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  • phantomthief Jia- You know all too well... X3 Thank you thank you thank youuuuu everyone!!! ~Ari 14 years ago
  • Jia Jem AWESOME~! And you know, despite your lengthy description... you're still going to get people PMing you and asking how you made it. :P 14 years ago
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