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from costume Princess Aurora
Katie Don't you hate when one of your favorite shots of a costume is taken in one of the WORST possible locations? Like, in front of a mall Chinese food place or the Dragon*con food court or the bathrooms... OH, WAIT, I'VE DONE ALL 3 IN AURORA. XD

Cute Alice is aiuchi/Mer
  • jadis2narnia Thanks to your Aurora pattern, I figured out an easy way to make my own dress if I ever decided to make a dress like yours.. lol.. but the costumes does look really good.. and yeah, I hate having lame backgrounds, too.. lol.. great job on the costume.. (: 12 years ago
  • Sweet Sunshine Oh woooow, I really don't think the background takes away from the costume too badly, because you look AMAZING as Aurora! :O So courtly and princessly in your mannerism, really well done! ^^ 12 years ago
  • Katie-chan I do hate when the background is like , what? but the photo of the costumes is "cool". But hey, you just look awasome as Aurora anywhere. ^^ 12 years ago
  • -Silent-Shadow- Yeah my friend took an amazing photo of us but it was infront of a restroom -_-'' 12 years ago