Hopie's image
from costume Ryo-Ohki
Hopie :3 taken at Akon 2012
  • Aleera Super cute. Excellent Ryo-ohki! 9 years ago
  • RukiaBunnyPyon very, very rarely do I see a Ryo-ohki cosplay that I really really like. This is simply stunning. I love it so much 9 years ago
  • Ryoko-demon Ryo-ohki!!! Super cute! =))) 9 years ago
  • SelfSovereign A good Ryo-ohki cosplay? With a rare Ken-ohki plush? Hell yes~! :D 9 years ago
  • Patastrophic Ffff I want to smoosh your face and give you a big hug, because this is cuteness on an unrivaled level 9 years ago