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Elffi I finally finished my Gilgamesh cosplay!!
I really like character designs in the Fate Series.
Gilgamesh is my height and weight and also blonde like me.
And he is also a arrogant bastard like me ;D

I wanted to make this kinda rare Gilgamesh costume with hair on front and half armor. I really love making tattoos.

Well, I started this cosplay one week before Desucon Frostbite.
I had school, but I skipped a few classes to finish my cosplay properly. I finished it exactly in 7 days.

And wtf, this time I did not even drink beer while doing this!
Okay, I drank few beers at weekend, but no more than that!

The armors and the prop are made of Wonderflex.
I used almost 2 jumbo sheets (100cmx140cm) of it.

First I made the patterns to a copypaper. Then I draw them on the wonderflex sheets, warmed 'em with a hot air blower and shaped them with my bare hands. I did not use any molds. Most of the armors are attached by velcro.

After shaping I painted everything with black matte spray.

Then I used Citadel miniature paints and a small brush and two different kinds of golden paints (burnished gold and shining gold). I used a method called drybrushing to get that worn out effect. All the blue ornaments are also painted with a brush.

At convention morning I painted all red tattoos on me with a brush also. Took me 2-3 hours.

I won a third price in Desucon Hall Cosplay Contest with this cosplay.

Earrings are also made of wonderflex.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
  • daine You are so awazing, Gilgy!!! 10 years ago
  • Overbeck good looking cosplay. 10 years ago