-Nayami-'s image
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-Nayami- Forgot to post this one, even though I like it a lot!
  • sunseenli This is really, really beautiful. 10 years ago
  • ShinobuWind This shot is beautiful! The setting is perfect (just like Hyrule castle!) and you both look awesome! ^_^ 10 years ago
  • Quinn the Shiki With the lighting and the setting and whatnot, this photo is really cool! I like it even though I don't know much about Zelda. 10 years ago
  • TMLiza I love how this picture came out. The lighting and the posing is perfect! 10 years ago
  • ~H~ Gorgeous shot! The setting is perfect (just like Hyrule) ^_^. 10 years ago
  • GracefulNightingale This is such an amazing photo! I love the lighting and the composition! What Kitsune said too. ;) You guys did a fantastic job! ^_^ 10 years ago
  • Kitsune Ooh, I love this shot! It might not be the best for the costume details, but it's got so much heart. I love the setting and the wall between you two; it speaks volumes. 10 years ago