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from costume Issun
negativedreamer Issun from Okami

I wasnt cute enough for the characters regular design, so I roughed him up a bit... I hope you like it!

Photo by IM Photography
  • Panda Treats Ah, this is too cool! I love it! 10 years ago
  • VampireKitten OMG YOU DID ISSUN! 10 years ago
  • Haiiro Sempai I like the fact that even though you find yourself not to be "cute" you not only tackled this character, but managed to re-purpose it to fit your personality, and physical traits more. I think the integrity of the helmet is wonderful, and even though you may not think it is "cute", you managed to pull it off well. beautiful craftsmanship. 10 years ago
  • tamarpg yes! I still like it! this is issun grown-up version :D 10 years ago