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from costume Princess Kraehe / Rue
NiGHTmaren I wore Kraehe again to Megacon this past weekend, with a few additions (added some beautiful rhinestones to the costume). I shot with Ken AD and this is the first of the set to be available. We found this steel architecture statue of an eagle's nest and that is what I'm clinging onto. I think it works beautifully for Kraehe's character and her story of being the raven's daughter and being deceived her entire life. I was incredibly sick the entire weekend, so I hope it doesn't show too much on my face in these photos lol. I was trying my best! I also took Best in Show with this costume, which was a a pleasant surprise considering all the wonderful costumes that had entered. Everyone did a fantastic job.
  • epierce001 Congratulations on your big win! It is well deserved. Your costume and pose and facial expression show that you really understand both Rue and Odile. 11 years ago