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Kanira The brains, the attitude, the girl and the tomboy.

Finished outfits will feature the completed bookbags and hats as well as black capelets with embroidered patches of each respective house seal.

The vest and skirt are actually a dark blue, though they came up black in the pictures. It's a large improvement over the bright-blue of the first dress, which will probably never see the light of the internet.
Have since straightened the wig, though the tie in the back still needs to be shortened.
Who needs a petticoat? Hufflepuff needs a petticoat.

Slytherin dress, Hufflepuff skirt and Gryffindor skirt are altered FanplusFriend, Ravenclaw skirt handmade.
  • TheSurfingDonut I am so in love with this! Great job! 10 years ago
  • epierce001 Great idea and the designs are magnificent! 11 years ago