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from costume Martha Jones
Vicksta Yaaay some progress on Martha. Jeez that jacket was a pain in the ass to make. All I need to do is add the silver zipper and I'll be done with that.
This is to be debuted at Otakon because I ADORE Doctor Who and Martha that I just had to do this.

I could pretty much pull it all off with my real hair too but I cut it last month. This outfit is from the end of the third season, "The Sound of Drums". I eventually want to find myself a Doctor to take pictures with :3
  • Sonsko-chan Props for being Martha! Extra props for making that jacket. And double that for being from The Sound of Drums. Because I love that episode. :D 14 years ago
  • Runi-Chan Ah, it's Martha! Awesome. 14 years ago