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BlackMarth Yay camwhoring.

Preemptive makeup and hair test, because while I am granted the perk of having workable Asian hair, my manface is not man enough for Travis so I had to play around a lot with contouring to look even remotely like Travis. Also, flat and small Asian face lol.

But that won't stop me, I love this game hardcore and how much of a douche Travis is so by the time I do this costume next year, I will at least be slightly less unconvincing by losing weight to achieve that lankyness. I will, however, most likely be the shortest person in my NMH group. Oops.

Ignore my incomplete temple contours, I was being lazy.

Glove is shopped brown, small color edits, shirt is shopped red. BUT THAT'S MY HAIR STYLED WITH JUST GOT2B AND A HAIR DRYER.
  • kyandi-chan I love you so much! You have a perfect look for Travis. The hairstyle and sunflower yellow shades suit so well. 14 years ago
  • SakuSaku That's awesome. XD 14 years ago
  • DJ Psygriffio Killer. That's looking awesome. Keep it up! 14 years ago
  • Ahza_miracle wooow so cool!!! i love this *w* 14 years ago
  • Crystalike 8D looks good to me! 14 years ago
  • AnimefestChii This looks great! 14 years ago