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from costume Batou
Razorback My finished version of Batou's eyepieces. No attachments to my face visuable, totally authentic! *g* And yes, I still can see.

I'm sorry for the poor quality, but I only had a stupid webcam available. Sorry~ ^^
  • QueenToast DAAAAAAAAAMN! Those are great! Please tell me how you made those. Or at least tell me the materials! I want to make my Fiance a Batou costume. 16 years ago
  • Zack2501 How did you make the eyes? I am doing a Batou costume soon, and I really want the eyes to look good. Yours look amazing! I would really appreciate any tips you may have on how to make them 16 years ago
  • EksDee-Alucard Holy crap that's impressive. 16 years ago
  • Albel-Nox Oh damn O__O you did it *rise hands* you did it *--* i'm so proud of it~~ and i can't wait for the finished result of the whole costume, i'm pretty sure it suits you ^o^ 16 years ago