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from costume Storm/Prince/Night
mirasaki I look kind of like Sephigoth. Better pictures without glare coming soon!
  • Budds Amazing!!! 14 years ago
  • Mephosto_Waltz That's so good. Considering there is minimal pictures and videos of him to use as refrence. *_* I must say, job well done! 14 years ago
  • Ninomiya girl.. perfect cosplay..... 14 years ago
  • finally_akon zomg!!! very nice!!! trust me i understand about impossible 1st cosplays [i did ashe from 12 O.O] and i also know what it's like when no one knows who u are [i was lightning for ikkicon 08 ^^" ] that'd be awesome if you go to the next convention i'm going to...granted i don't get to go to many cons but that'd be cool if you could be there!! keep up the good work ^^ 14 years ago