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from costume Silk Spectre
  • @cid_edge U have an Gorgeous Figure....and an Awesome set of Legs....Later Sexy 12 years ago
  • Hilary I just used a synthetic chiffon for the sheer top from JoAnn's clearance, and some black spandex I had lying around at home. I'd recommend a firm knit for the leotard with elastic around the edges to keep everything in place. 12 years ago
  • versipellis What kind of fabric did you use, for both the leotard and the yellow over-dress? They both look amazing! You make a great Laurie! :D 12 years ago
  • Scruffy Rebel You make an absolutely perfect SSII! 12 years ago
  • GoddessofFlash you are a beautiful Laurie! that costume looks fantastic! gorgeous! *.* 12 years ago